The Rules

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another exciting round of Kusogrande!

Those of you who participated before should be familiar with the rules of the tournament; however, I recommend that everyone read this to get a refresher.

We will perform all scheduling through Discord, so make sure you pay attention there.

The group stages will be done with a Swiss-style scoring system. Each player can expect to play up to 4 matches. Once these matches are done, the top 32 players will move on to the final bracket. Tie breakers will be performed as needed.


Download, setup, and test the emulator bundle before your first match. Turbo is allowed.

Join the Kusogrande Discord.

Don't read or watch stuff about the game before the match.

Read all messages pinned by the GMs/staff for your match.

Close Brossentia's stream and go live with your game 10 minutes before the match.

If you've gotta cancel your match, let staff know ASAP.

Before the Match

Game masters will send you the link to your game in your Discord group 1 hour before the match (in some cases requiring more setup, they may send it earlier). Once you receive the game, do not look up any information about the game including but not limited to YouTube videos, guides, or even pictures. This is meant to be a blind race. The game master will send a game manual or control list for any games being played.

If you are familiar with the game, either through playing it or having watched someone play it, please inform us so we can choose another game. In general, having beaten a level is enough to consider knowing too much. We have plenty of games to choose from.

Before the match, please start the game on your computer to make sure it works. Be sure to use the approved emulator or a flash cart to run on console. You may also practice the controls in the game for 30 seconds to make sure everything works as intended.

We need one person to provide game audio only for each match - that means no microphone. Please discuss who will do this before the match. The game master also will ask you beforehand who is going to be game audio only.

Put "No Hints" or something to that effect in your title. Using hints from your chat is not allowed. If your chat does give a hint or a spoiler, let mods or Brossentia know ASAP; this information will generally be shared with everyone to bring you to a level playing field. Failure to share this with a mod may lead to a disqualification for that match.

Please be streaming 10 minutes before your scheduled time, and post in Brossentia’s chat that your stream is up. He will capture your stream and restream to his channel. Be in Discord for the countdown.


Players should use the emulator bundle provided by staff. Other emulators are permitted as long as they do not provide an unfair advantage. If an unfair advantage is noticed, staff will decide on either a time punishment for the player, a change of emulator and a restart to the match, or a cancellation of the current match.

Use an alternate emulator or a flash cart at your own risk. If, through using another emulator, you encounter any crashes, additional lag, glitches, softlocks, or any other disadvantage, staff will not grant you any concessions to make up for time lost.

Turbo is allowed for all games, no questions asked. Remember, though, that turbo can be a boon or a burden!

During the Match

Do not watch Brossentia’s stream, listen to the audio, or read his chat. I will often talk about what the other person is doing, and it will give you an unfair advantage. Most of this is honor system based.

Please keep Discord open. Occasionally, we run into emergencies, and we want to be sure we can communicate this to you. We keep the chat spoiler free to keep secrets from being ruined.

Do not watch the other runner. You may ask in Discord who is in the lead.

If something happens during the run (i.e. a game becomes unbeatable or computer has problems) and you need to communicate with us, let us know in Discord. If you are unable to do so, tweet at Brossentia as soon as possible. We have had some times where we’ve needed to discuss having a rematch or starting the match over. We will discuss right away how to proceed. In most cases, the match can continue (i.e. reset the game because it’s a glitch in the game), but in others (i.e. power outage and stream going down), we may schedule another game for another day.

Feel free to have fun. Some people have popped pictures up on their stream before starting, and others have drawn short messages over their capture screen. As long as it’s not lewd, offensive, or blocking people’s view of the game, we will usually roll with it. This is basically a time for us to have fun, so enjoy your time!

How the Bracket Works

The tournament is divided into two sections. The first section is the group stage with a Swiss-style scoring system. Each player can expect to play, at minimum, 2 matches. The tournament is divided into two sections. The first section is the group stage with a Swiss-style scoring system. Each player can expect to play, at minimum, 2 matches. Those scoring higher will play up to 4 matches for a chance to get into the bracket. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 10 for 1st place
  • 7 for 2nd place
  • 5 for 3rd place
  • 2 for 4th place
We will have 32 players move on to the final bracket.

The second stage is double elimination with a single grand final match. Prizes will be given to all participants in this stage. The prize list will be revealed before the final bracket begins. I’m not rich, so don’t expect too much.

Please note that if a player forfeits during the bracket, they will be replaced with the last player they eliminated. The exact details of how the replacement happens will be decided by the Kusogrande staff should such a situation arise.

The Gauntlet

You are not guaranteed to know many or any of the games that will be selected. If a game is chosen from your Kuso history, another game will be chosen from your competitor’s history to make things even. Please be aware, though, that no games will be redrawn, even if played outside the tournament.

For the match, you will have one hour to complete as many challenges as possible. In the case of a tie at the hour mark, you will continue attempting to beat a challenge until either you or your opponent is successful. All save states for the challenges (F1-F10) are identical in case you save over a state accidentally. You are not allowed to load any state other than the ones created by the GMs.

The best way to prepare for the gauntlet is to play a variety of games, systems, and genres. Expect this to test platforming, reaction time, strategy development, and puzzle solving. Challenges given are all beatable, but some will be more difficult than others; feel free to switch to another challenge at any point during the match.


You will interact with several volunteers throughout the course of the event. Even if things end up being a bit rough with setup due to obscure games and platforms, I expect you to be courteous to staff and volunteers. Anyone who harasses volunteers for any reason whatsoever may be ejected from the tournament at Brossentia’s discretion.

If you do have complaints, please send them to Brossentia after the match in a constructive manner. We do have improvements to be made, but in the heat of the moment is not the right time.

Cancellations and Other Problems

Most things will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Here are the biggest things to avoid:

  • Cancelling less than 48 hours before a group match. The match will still proceed, and you will receive 0 points for that match.
  • Cancelling less than 48 hours before a 1v1 match. Participants are allowed to cancel once during the bracket, but a second cancellation will be considered a forfeit for that match.
  • No shows. If we are expecting you and you just don’t show up, we’ll consider it a forfeit for that match. A second no show will be considered as a forfeit for the tournament.
  • Anyone found to be getting outside help for a match will disqualify for that match. If you do get unsolicited help from viewers, we ask that you share what they said in Discord. Sharing that in a quick manner will prevent disqualification.
  • If anything else needs to be made standard, it will be added to this list.

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